Untitled [declamation] 1971 – The Creator of the Universe (Transparency release)

> John Sudduth, mail to the Sun Ra Mailing list (SATURN@NIC.SURFNET.NL)

There was a time when there was nothing
There was a time when there was nothing
and no one understood
because there wasn’t anyone to understand
now there’s a time when there is something and no one understands
although there is everyone to understand

Is nothing white or black?
Nothing came before anything

the sky is nothing
it’s endless nothingness
there’s no end to the whole (hole?) of space

Outer space is black
dark with the blackness of the eternal nothingness

You think the bottomless pit is in Hell?
You have been mis-taught
The bottomless pit is in the sky – an endless hole (whole?)

You have been taught to fear the bottomless pit
so that you would fear outer space

You have been taught to fear the eternal burning fires of Hell
and Hell is the sun in the sky

Hell is an ancient name for the sun

You have been taught backwards  backwards
you can never rise unless you look toward the skies

you have been subtly and psychologically taught that up is down and down is

that is why when you put a person down in the ground you say you cover them

you cannot rise if you believe in uncomfortable lies

you cannot rise as long as you have black people who say they are black
but they are not black they are blocks

they are playing the ancient game of materialism as they always played
before they came to this country

you are in the clutches of materialistic black people who stand in between
you and the white race and use you

I am a scientist of justice that deals with equations and my equations do
not lie

there are some black people that must change immediately who are
or else they will get left behind
they will get left behind so far no one will ever remember them again

for years I have set my equations for this nation to rise and there are no
forces in all the universe that can stop it

my equations will stand before the throne of god
my equations will stand before the throne of satan

my equations will stand
my equations will stand forever because they are just equations and they are
based on what I have seen and what I have heard in the black race for a
so-called lifetime

I am not god and I am not satan
I am a friend to the black race looking and searching for your most
comfortable benefit and success

I will not be defeated by the white race nor anyone in the black race
I have determined that the black race shall rise to the skies

I am black and part of the black race
I will always be with them and they will always be with me
There is no way that I can pull away and there is no way they can pull away
from me

I command and give my final warning to the black race
in every corner and every cranny and every walk of life stop being a
hypocrite before it’s too late

long ago some scientist set something for you so that you would never be
so that you would always be cursed
so that you would always be upon the bottom
I have come along and found what he set
I have set my equations to counteract your curse
and it will be counteracted
and you will be successful
therefore I warn every black person
Watch it!

my equations cannot be defeated because no one knows where I set them
no one knows what I did or where I did it
and they’re invulnerable and invincible

they are working upon this planet boldly for the whole world to see
more confusion than it has ever seen before unless they are sincere,
confusion will increase and increase and increase until I set up another
equation to stop it

This planet will either be sincere and be a part of nature and recognize the
natural things or be destroyed.  not because of sin but because they are

hypocrites in a most sinful manner from the point of view they are self
and when they, man, is self destructive there is no greater sin

There are some black people who think they can hide in universities and
behind education and behind money
I care nothing for these things  it will not save them

it will not be like it has been in the past when someone black spoke
something and someone black went and told the white man I have told him
myself what I am going to do to him if he doesn’t change

and he is recognizing it.  you will have to too

you are equationally balanced by the creator of the universe to be a certain
way in your blackness and some of you have compromised
you can’t do that  it is against the law of the creator of the universe
you must be black before it is too late
before it is too late there is nothing to stop black people from having
their own government
there is nothing that can stop them from rising
it is written
it is meant
you should be yourselves

you should be your black self before it’s too late

if you don’t no nation on the face of this earth is going to accept you

you were once a great people who built pyramids and who did all kind of
wonderful things that no one has ever reached your level
why are you in the condition you are in now?

it is because you neglected someone who was your very best friend
the creator of the universe

and because of your foolishness and your foolish vanities he made god and
gave him to you the white man

it is written remember your creator in the days of your youth before the
evil days draw nigh

you will have to reclaim your government and get some responsibility and get
some discipline and pick up where you left off and be your natural black